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You Worked Hard to Earn Credits

You took college classes. You studied hard. But you stopped short of earning your bachelor’s degree. At DeVry University, you can transfer up to 80 qualifying credit hours to help make your previous hard work worth it. So that you can focus on taking the next step in your education.

DeVry University will help you apply your qualifying credit hours toward your degree program. If you’ve already earned an associate degree, you may be eligible for a “Block Transfer*” when enrolling in a related bachelor’s degree program of study. We work with students like you every day to help you make the most of your transfer credits within DeVry’s degree programs and can help make earning a degree more affordable. Your prior education matters. We want you to make the most of it.

Explore DeVry’s program offerings and request more information to learn how your transfer credits could help you complete your degree.

*The awarding of block credits varies by program and state. Additional coursework may be required in some programs to meet the prerequisites for upper-level courses in the major and/or to meet the state’s general education credit-hour requirements to confer a degree which may increase program length and financial obligations. Because of the differences in educational systems, a course-by-course evaluation will be completed for international students with foreign credentials/transcripts.


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