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Tech-Infused Healthcare Administration Degree Programs

Tech-Infused Degree Programs In The Healthcare Field

Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the healthcare industry, including medical records and health information systems. If you are interested in these essential healthcare industries, the programs in DeVry University’s College of Health Sciences can help prepare you for a variety of specializations. Get started in a tech-infused undergraduate certificate or bachelor’s degree program and earn a credential employers recognize.

Take the TechPath

TechPath is our distinctive learning approach that grew out of the understanding that students need a different kind of education to prepare them for a world that’s tech-intense, constantly changing and connected as never before through the digital mesh – an ever-expanding dynamic interaction of smart machines, information, applications and human beings.

Every TechPath class you take, whether it’s in a business, health or tech program, revolves around a unique learning rubric developed at DeVry. We call it People-Process-Data-Devices or P2D2. You’ll gain real skills in collaboration, be able to adapt to new structures, create innovative ways of working, and be comfortable working with data and using a wide spectrum of tech-forward tools.

P2D2 is a key component of what makes TechPath a smart, new way of getting the knowledge you need to be ready to hit the ground running in the new way successful companies work today.

We’re proud to offer our TechPath Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs to new students at a 20% savings1. TechPath degree programs are noted below

1TechPath Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs are offered to new students at the cost of $487 per credit hour, which is 20% lower than our Non TechPath rate at $609. 20% savings is applicable to those who apply after 4/21/2017. New TechPath pricing savings do not apply to certificate programs.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding - TechPath Program

DeVry’s Medical Billing and Coding undergraduate certificate program teaches students the knowledge and skills needed in the health information management field. Coursework, taught from the practitioner’s perspective, focuses on coding competencies used in settings such as hospitals and physician practices. This program offers courses with updated curriculum covering the latest U.S. coding standards from the International Classification of Diseases.

In earning your Medical Billing and Coding certificate, you can apply all of the credits you earn towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management.

AHIMA-Recommended Course of Study

Prior to taking the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)* recommends that candidates have at least 6 months of on-the-job coding experience or complete a coding training program. The program should include anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, basic ICD diagnostic/procedural and basic CPT coding – all of which are included in DeVry University’s Medical Billing and Coding Undergraduate Certificate program.1

When you earn an undergraduate certificate in Medical Billing and Coding, you can learn the skills that employers in this field look for.

* DeVry’s Medical Billing and Coding program is not accredited by AHIMA.

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Healthcare Administration Bachelor’s Degree Program

Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration - TechPath Program

Curriculum includes current healthcare policies, information systems, accounting, budgeting and analysis used in diverse provider settings within the healthcare industry. Our bachelor’s degree program in Healthcare Administration is designed to help prepare students with both a broad- based understanding of current healthcare issues and business concepts that can help provide a solid foundation.

Healthcare Management Specialization
Learn about relevant healthcare areas such as, healthcare policy, managed care, insurance and finance, while exploring how to help improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

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