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Whether you are just getting started learning the technology behind today’s internet, or want upgrade your design and development skills, DeVry University’s College of Media Arts & Technology has you covered. Our degree programs are taught by faculty with industry relevant experience, and provide an enriching education through experiential learning as well as access to the latest web and multimedia design technologies. 


The knowledge and skills embedded in the Media Arts and Technology curriculum provide students with a basis for taking external industry certification exams, including the Adobe® Certified Associate exams.

An Adobe1 Certified Associate (ACA) certification validates that an individual has basic, entry-level skills in digital communication, creation, and design using Adobe software. Earn your certificate or degree and prepare to become certified.

Take the TechPath

TechPath is our distinctive learning approach that grew out of the understanding that students need a different kind of education to prepare them for a world that’s tech-intense, constantly changing and connected as never before through the digital mesh – an ever-expanding dynamic interaction of smart machines, information, applications and human beings.

Every TechPath class you take, whether it’s in a business, health or tech program, revolves around a unique learning rubric developed at DeVry. We call it People-Process-Data-Devices or P2D2. You’ll gain real skills in collaboration, be able to adapt to new structures, create innovative ways of working, and be comfortable working with data and using a wide spectrum of tech-forward tools.

P2D2 is a key component of what makes TechPath a smart, new way of getting the knowledge you need to be ready to hit the ground running in the new way successful companies work today.

Degree programs that offer a TechPath option are noted below.

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Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design and Development

Bachelor’s in Multimedia Design and Development – TechPath Program

In our Multimedia Design and Development bachelor’s degree program, you can learn how to design, illustrate, manage, and produce visual communications by mastering key software applications, fundamental design principles, web content management, and graphics animation.

Additionally, you can specialize in one of four areas of study focused on specific technologies and skills. You can gain the knowledge needed to create Internet content, web pages, marketing collateral, advertising, instructional material, and multimedia projects.

Upon graduation, you can use your wide array of web graphic design samples that you can use to build a full professional portfolio, helping prepare you for a future in the multimedia design and development field.

Degree Specializations

We offer these specializations within the Multimedia Design and Development degree program:

Graphic and Multimedia Design
Web Design and Development

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Undergraduate Online Certificate Programs

Website Design - TechPath Program
Learn key software applications, web design, graphic design and web animation, as well as how to apply design and coding concepts to real-world applications.

Website Development - TechPath Program
Learn key software applications to help prepare you to create an overall website user experience.

Whether your focus is on website design or user experience development, both of these undergraduate certificate programs prepare you to sit for the Adobe® Certified Associate (ACA)1 exam. 

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