Pursue the technical skills that can impact your future

Tech-infused degree programs in programming and networking communications fields

Technology-Based, Career-Focused Education

DeVry University’s tech-infused education is designed to prepare you for tech industries like Software Development, Information Systems Security, Web Development and more. 

Whether you are interested in pursuing a Computer Information Systems degree program with specializations like Software Programming, Cyber Security Programming, Web Game Programming, Database Management or earning a Networking degree, our emphasis on experiential, hands-on learning is designed to teach you the skills that employers value.

Prepare to Earn Technology Certifications

Computer Information Systems

  • Prepare for the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) Exam - Many cyber security professions require at least one professional certification, such as the SSCP1,2. At DeVry, Information Systems Security and Cyber Security Programming specializations can prepare students to sit for the SSCP exam, with a Certification Prep course available at no additional cost. Eligible students who register for and complete the exams may be reimbursed for one exam sitting.
  • Explore Key Programming Languages - Study programming languages like Java and C++, setting a foundation for learning even more programming languages used in the business world.
  • Solve Problems - Explore methods to troubleshoot business problems by identifying issues and implementing programming solutions.


  • Prepare For Valued Certifications - Develop the skills to prepare you for industry certifications such as Cisco’s Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT).
  • Certificate Prep Courses and Exam Reimbursement - As a DeVry Network and Communication Management student, you may be eligible to take Certification Prep courses at no tuition charge, and if you register for and complete the CCNA exam you may be reimbursed for one exam sitting.
  • Hands-on experience - Access switches, routers and other networking equipment used in the business world.

Pursue the technical skills that can impact your future.

Take the TechPath

TechPath is our distinctive learning approach that grew out of the understanding that students need a different kind of education to prepare them for a world that’s tech-intense, constantly changing and connected as never before through the digital mesh – an ever-expanding dynamic interaction of smart machines, information, applications and human beings.

Every TechPath class you take, whether it’s in a business, health or tech program, revolves around a unique learning rubric developed at DeVry. We call it People-Process-Data-Devices or P2D2. You’ll gain real skills in collaboration, be able to adapt to new structures, create innovative ways of working, and be comfortable working with data and using a wide spectrum of tech-forward tools.

P2D2 is a key component of what makes TechPath a smart, new way of getting the knowledge you need to be ready to hit the ground running in the new way successful companies work today.

TechPath degree programs are noted below.

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Computer Information Systems

Associate in Electronics and Computer Technology – TechPath Program
Concentrate on the hands-on aspects of computer electronics, including electrical and electronic circuits and systems, digital microprocessor and computer systems, computer applications for business, and networking applications. Study how to inspect products and processes, conduct tests, collect data and build your own prototype versions of new equipment designs.

Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems – TechPath Program
Our Computer Information Systems bachelor’s degree program lets you explore and examine innovative technologies and discover new ways the industry is implementing and leveraging information systems.

CIS students can master foundational programming languages such as Java and C++, which can easily translate to additional programming languages used in the business world. 

Through our CIS courses, students can develop skills in troubleshooting business problems by learning to identify issues and implement programming solutions.

We offer specializations that can help focus your studies for the career you want to pursue:

Computer Forensics

Acquire, analyze and report electronic evidence. Recover deleted and damaged data and break encryption codes. Explore how to work with law enforcement personnel and government systems that rely on the evidence that computer forensics discover.

Cyber Security Programming

Cyber Security Programming degree specialization at DeVry University features cyber-attack simulations in a virtual environment and can prepare students to sit for the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification2. Students can learn to create, plan, implement and monitor innovative solutions to protect data and networks and prevent future attacks.

Database Management

Develop skills required to design, program, administer and secure database systems. Analyze database needs and find solutions to a wide range of information storage challenges.

Information Systems Security

Develop and implement security procedures, standards and policies and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Software Programming

Dive deeper into the world of code with the Software Programming specialization and develop relevant skills. Study how to code and test programs; the methods used to build software; and the types of programming languages available for various applications. Work in teams to implement software applications and study how to code mobile applications.

Web Development and Administration

Study the technical aspects, as well as the design of websites. Explore the planning, problem-solving, organization and programming skills necessary to examine site functions including e-commerce, ratings and reviews and more. Examine and develop site architecture and wireframes to address user needs.

Web Game Programming

Pursue your passion for gaming and interactive media. The program is designed to help you master multimedia tools and techniques used to create web-based games and dynamic web pages, as well as to build training applications for consumer electronics and professional development. Coursework addresses CSS, database integration, site management, XML, and ActionScript.

Program availability varies by location. 

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Network & Communications Management

Bachelor’s in Network & Communications Management - TechPath Program

Study a variety of Ethernet-enabled technologies and communications hardware and software, including Voice- over-IP, security firewalls, databases and next-generation administration tools. Study the business and network design skills that can help you solve real-world problems.

Network & Communications Management students interact with switches, routers and other real networking equipment used in the business world.

Online students experience the same hands-on learning as onsite students by logging into router farms remotely and accessing switches, routers and other real networking equipment.

Associate in Network Systems Administration – TechPath Program

Use leading tools and technologies to maintain existing systems and to design and develop new ones. Study how to activate accounts and security controls, install and configure routers and switches, monitor network performance and troubleshoot problems.

Program availability varies by location.

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